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When we started keeping sheepdogs the Welsh Sheepdog Society didn't exist, but we'd noticed that some of the working dogs in Mid Wales were 'different'. We found our first ones by asking the vets in Lampeter. Our first two were brother and sister, a black and white dog we called Yogi and a red bitch, Foxy, who came from a dairy farm in Llanarth. This line as far as we know is now extinct, but having experienced these two we were hooked and their replacements were fully registered Welsh Sheepdogs, Gorslas Pengwyn and Milwyn Heini and Welsh type bitch Wilden Mattie. The current pack are all descended from these three. Click on their names to find more about our foundation bitches.

Researching the bloodlines of our original bitches has been an interesting project. Mattie will always be a stand-alone, her sire came from Builth and her mother and her family from the Black Mountain near Hay on Wye, though many things point to her sharing some of her ancestry with Pen somewhere. Pen and Heini, whilst being very different in their work, turn out to be descended from the same female line, through their mutual great grandmother, Tynddraenen Beca, to her dam registered number 1 with the WSDS, Cwmbyr Topsi, who was bred by Mr E J Evans by Cwmbyr Bob and out of his bitch Pantanamlwg Fan.

Gorslas Pengwyn Milwyn Heini Wilden Mattie
Welsh Sheepdog Gorslas Pengwyn, we clocked her doing 32mph once! Welsh Sheepdog Milwyn Heini guarding a bale My old girl Mattie having time off
LICENCED OFFSPRING - Wilden Ranger, Wilden Pen, Wilden Dottie, Wilden Skipper, Wilden Smasher, Wilden Beau, Wilden Suzie LICENCED OFFSPRING - Wilden Ali, Wilden Tess, Wilden Joe, Wilden Tan Gwyllt, Wilden Hafren, Wilden Ceri LICENCED OFFSPRING - Wilden Big Bill