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We breed AQHA Registered Quarter Horses in the UK near Tenbury Wells, where Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire meet.

We aim to produce youngstock for sale that will excel as family horses with soundness, willing attitude, athleticism and excellent conformation. Colour is a bonus.

Quarter Horses used to be renowned for their versatility and the many disciplines they compete in these days are testament to that. Breeding to excel in a single discipline over a number of years has created different types that now could really be classified as new breeds themselves, with clearly identifiable gaits, conformation and gene pools. Our aim is to try and be true to the older type who could truly do anything, might have a dash of racing blood but was most definitely a work horse and beautiful with it.

Our aim in selecting breeding stock has been to seek out horses with good functional conformation, good legs and feet and long, straight action that hopefully allows a horse to remain sound and useful all its life. We want good, sensible temperament as well as athletic ability, and a good pedigree - that is not necessarily saying stuffed with the fashion of the day, but ones who have a deep gene pool of proven performers behind them and hopefully ones that have reached a fine old age still working. We try to produce good sound little horses with that laid back, Quarter Horse temperament, that have the potential to do anything their owners want to do and look pretty too.

The horses are an integral part of our farm and run with the rest of the livestock. Our place is steep in places, in wet weather it is slippery, it has rabbit holes, tree roots and fallen branches that we hope between them make youngsters aware of their surroundings and sure footed. The herd are out, un-rugged all year in all weathers with limited supplementary feeding and they are adapted to our climate. Hopefully this allows us to produce horses that are sane, economical and easy to keep.

We rear our foals in a mixed herd that contains different sexes, ages and personalities of horses. They learn respect and discipline from the other horses and manners learned this way seem to transfer easily to humans. We spend time in the herd both on foot and driving the farm Landrover and the foals gradually accept us as friends, feel comfortable with us around, letting us handle them and eventually halter, lead and pick up their feet in their own time. Emphasis throughout their training is on gaining and maintaining trust.

We do not breed from horses that are unsound for any reason or who have issues such as sweet itch. All of our established breeding stock has been tested by the AQHA and they are all 5-panel negative.

Contact us on wildenfarm@gmail.com