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We have worked Welsh Sheepdogs at Wilden since 1994. Their assistance with our 500 ewe flock and small cattle enterprise is invaluable.

We usually have a fully registered and licensed Welsh Sheepdog standing at stud and a couple of good working bitches licensed to breed (see their page here).

We aim to breed them occasionally to produce active, upright Welsh Sheepdogs that will think for themselves and work stock effectively with a minimum of command. Sometimes we have pups and young dogs in training for sale to good working homes. See our for sale page here for what we currently have on offer and videos illustrating young dogs learning to work on their own initiative.

For more about the history of Welsh Sheepdogs, registration and the Welsh Sheepdog Society's licencing system, see the WSDS site here

Contact us on wildenfarm@btopenworld.com