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Here is a page of old friends, ones we nurtured, set up for the world and and sent on their travels, and some who have left us, whose memories we hold dear. To find pictures of our home-bred foals by Rival, look on the Stallion page.


Quarter Horse mare, Rockn on the River Dun Its Heir to Rein Hollywood Dun It Hollywood Jac 86
Blossom Berry
Heir to Rein Topsail Cody
Miss Poco 172
Rock River Safari Playin Safari Freckles Playboy
Miss Safari
Beautiful Hobby Repeat a Hobby
Gay Crockett

I'd been looking for a Hollywood Dun It mare for some time when River became available. River was imported from the USA and has a royal pedigree of proven reining and cutting horses. She holds 4 AQHA open reining points herself. Panel negative.


Quarter Horse mare, Wilden Jolene Wilden Cowboyclassic War Chiefs Pride Croton Gray
Pay You Wednesday
Kernow Amba Moet Ober Star Diamond
Sally o Cash
Zan Parr Dolly Tyree Sunup Zan Parr Zan Parr Sun
Eyes of Charm
Jacs Diamond Dolly Dolls Union Jac
Diamond Coronade

Dear Jolene has been an in your pocket baby from her first day. Her mother came from Jo Todd's incredible producer Jacs Diamond Dolly and she's by our very own Cowboy. She seems to have come out with the best of both. Jolene is such a sweetheart! After rearing her own foal well this year she became nanny for the filly foals at weaning and was at one point suckling 5. What a star. Her calm, lovable disposition makes everything easy and she is a pleasure to have around and to ride. She was backed in 2020 and turned away and is now in foal to Harlans Real Gun but that will be her last for the moment. She is too good to stay here breeding and has gone to a good friend on a long loan. Hopefully she will be out hunting sidesaddle in a year or two.


Quarter Horse mare, Solano Jet o Gold Jetsmoke n Thunder Bows Black Thunder Wimps Bo
Bow Lynn
Louies Jetta Mr Louie Man
Bay Bo Princess
Docs Sugar Crystal Doc Saura Docs Solano
Wimpys Flower
Pamela Breeze Jody Breeze
Purys Pamela

This one was a bit of a surprise but here she is! She is a most beautiful mare and probably best known as mother of Heidi Hellemons stallion Triple Jet Cee Jay. She was imported from Bohannon Farms in the USA and we bought her in foal to the young stallion I Will Dance for 2021. Very excited to see the result!. Panel negative.


Quarter Horse filly, Kernow Savannah Sky Kernow Star Remy Ober Star Diamond Chicks Chances
Ober Lucky Star
Kernow Shawnee Pesky Silver Foam
Harvest Dividend
Orizana May Arabis Hiawatha Lunar Lucre
Eildon Pocohontas
Arabis New Horizon Arabis Cruisin Pine
Arabis Golden Sioux

Sweet natured little mare bought for her breeding which contains so many that have excelled in English disciplines in the UK. Panel negative. Ran with Sam 2020.


Quarter Horse filly, Wilden Spirit Rowley Late Arrival Sedgehill Gold Pesky Top Hat
Hollywood Hallmark
Bisquit Chick Two Eyed Zan Parr
Miss Rexette
Miss Powerfritz CL Figure Four Fritz Snickelfritz Chex
Hancock Cinco
Power Wood Drifts Chip
Stormin Power

Lovely mare with the best of both parents. Panel negative. Ran with Sam 2020 and will probably be for sale after weaning her 2021 foal.


Quarter Horse filly, GTS Way Too Chexy Chexin Out SVR Royal Checkmate Markin My Time
Royal Gipsy Mate
PC Chex Command Centurion Command
Kelvins Dixie Chex
Chex Paid The Note Nu Chex To Cash Nu Cash
Amarilla Chex
Geminee Freckles General Freckles
Docs Jana

Sharp little cutting bred mare, always wanted one by Chexin Out and here she is. Couldn't want for a better bred dam. Both parents are imports and she is panel negative by parents tests.


Quarter Horse mare, Hollywood Pixie Doll Hollywoods Blue King Hollywood at Dawn Hollywood Bill
Queen Dawn
Continental Miss Sue Hollywood at Dawn
Super Seal
Jets Mexicali Doll Jetsmoke n Thunder Bows Black Thunder
Louies Jetta
Mexicali Barbara Barb Six
Skip a Barbie Doll

Pixie is a very lovely red dun mare with an 'old' pedigree line bred close up to AQHA legends, King, Hollywood Gold and Skip a Barb. She has good legs and tremendous big strong feet, good looks and straight action. Parents both US imports. AQHA panel 5-panel tested negative. In foal to Wilden Shogun for 2019.


Quarter Horse filly, Bellvalley Winnie Col Okie Leo Cutter Freckles Colonel Freckles
Cutter Faline
Wayward Slider Kims Okie Leo
Wayward Maid
Sparklen Precaution Sparky Ashwood Sparky One
Ashwoods Girl
Ambers Precaution Flick Bar Junior
Penney Bee

Some lovely quality breeding behind this super young mare. Her mother holds an International Hi Point in Western Pleasure, father is an import with a number of legends in his close pedigree. Panel tested negative from US imported parents.


Quarter Horse mare, Zan Parr Dolly Tyree Sunup Zan Parr Zan Parr Sun Zan Parr Bar
Skip Shot
Eyes of Charm Watch Tyree Two
Star Eyed Charm
Jacs Diamond Dolly Dolls Union Jac Hollywood Jac 86
Miss Doll Pine
Diamond Coronade Zans Diamond Okie
Corona Command

Absolutely gorgeous mare, backed to ride and gone to pursue a ridden career.


Quarter Horse mare, Wilden Dawn Arrival Rowley Late Arrival Sedgehill Gold Pesky Top Hat
Hollywood Hallmark
Bisquit Chick Two Eyed Zan Parr
Miss Rexette
Hollywood Pixie Doll Hollywoods Blue King Hollywood at Dawn
Continental Miss Sue
Jets Mexicali Doll Jetsmoke n Thunder
Mexicali Barbara

Super homebred mare, She bred us a filly by Cowboy who has been retained - she has now gone on to start a ridden career and doing very well..


Quarter Horse mare, Rockfield Misstopgun PG Shogun Playgun Freckles Playboy
Miss Silver Pistol
Miss Sho Bunny Shogun San
Miss America Pie
Power Wood Drifts Chip Double Drift
Diamond Isle
Stormin Power Tyroan Power
Stormin Miss BJ

Lovely, gentle, grey (bay roan) mare, good temperament, super conformation and moves well. She has truly World class cutting breeding on her sire's side and her mother is half-sister to NFR Reserve World Champion Heeler, MP Thriftwood. AQHA tested 5-panel negative. In 2017 we made the very difficult decision to sell Deena, who now lives in Hungary. Her genetics are retained here through her superb son, Wilden Shogun..


Quarter Horse mare, Miss Powerfritz CL Figure Four Fritz Snicklefritz Chex King Fritz
Poco Brickhouse
Hancock Cinco Happy Hancock
My Beaver 6
Power Wood Drifts Chip Double Drift
Diamond Isle
Stormin Power Tyroan Power
Stormin Miss BJ

Her pedigree reads like a who's who of AQHA Best Remuda awards, she is easygoing but very fast on her feet and athletic. She combines build like a brick outhouse with unquestionable quality put in there by breeding programmes that go back a hundred years and more. AQHA tested 5-panel negative. Two of her daughters have been retained for now, one by War Chiefs Pride and one by Rowley Late Arrival, and she herself has gone to join her best buddy Suki in Germany.


Quarter Horse mare, Miss Pretty Bliss Desired Vision Senor Sunny Dude Sonny Showcase
Senorita Dude
WC Winning Lady Winning Chick
Roan Bars Lady
Pretty Gaston Star Pretty Buck Zeb Blutcher Buck
Miss Mary Blue
Gunda Star Jackson Amigo Star Major
Miss Gunda King

'Suki' is a big red dun tank of a mare, very genuine, long hip, the most fantastic legs and feet and has awesome action. Out of a favourite broodmare who worked livestock with Sue George at Rockfields. AQHA tested 5-panel negative. Suki produced is a super filly by Cowboy who has been retained. She now lives in Germany.


Quarter Horse mare, Kernow Amba Moet Ober Star Diamond Chicks Chances Three Chicks
Ober Lucky Star Dr Paul
Ginger of Dunbar
Sally o Cash Tender Skip o Cash Tender Spot o Cash
Skip Shi Ann
Dainty Mary McCue Diamon Dell
Annie o Mac

To see more details of the horses that make up her pedigree, click here.

Mo is a gorgeous Quarter horse mare by Ober Star Diamond. Her unusual colour is amber champagne. She is everything we hoped she would be, straight and correct with a super temperament and a good mum. She is AQHA tested 5-panel negative. Her foals to date have been stunning. In Autumn 2015 we made the very difficult decision to sell Mo in order to keep her son by War Chiefs Pride as our herd sire.

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